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  As filler for plastics Content

As filler for plastic industry, kaolin can improve the weatherability of plastic products, and has a good reinforcing effect, that can greatly cut the costs. It can make the product surface smooth, reduce the hot crack and contraction, and promote the precision of dimension, chemical resistance and so on. It can be used in the plastic film to improve the transmittance of scattering light and reduce fading ultraviolet ray, and using as bulk filler can greatly cut the cost.

Kaolin used as nucleation catalyst in PP can improve the stiffness and strength of PP based plastic, largely replacing engineering plastics. It can improve the strength, modulus and weatherability significantly when used in SBA, nylon products.

¡ôNarrow particle size distribution, reinforcement effect is obvious

¡ôControl the calcination temperature strictly to avoid the formation of mullite, reduce the loss of machinery for plastic processing

¡ôSpecial technology of chemical compound on surface, and modification£¬can enhanced compatibility with polymer materials and the crosslinking

¡ôLess impurity, high purity and stable composition, can improve the weather resistance, corrosion resistance of plastic materials significantly.

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