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  Using in coating of buildings and other industry Content

Calcined kaolin is a kind of aluminum silicate physical pigment and multifunctional additive made through special processing and it can easily disperse in water and oil system. It is widely used in coating, paint, putty, sealant and so on, because it can improve the storage stability of coating system and the mechanical properties such as coating brushing, absorption of moisture resistance, impact resistance and so on. Besides, it can improve the resistance of flooding and floating as well.

1 Using in coatings

The Jufeng calcined product using as a functional additive, can partly replace titanium dioxide in architectural coatings, especially the emulsion paint, reducing the production cost of paint and can provide a good cover performance, adjust the gloss of coating, improve the mechanical properties of paint film at the same time.

2 As paint filler

Kaolin has good chemical inertness, high coverage, liquidity, good suspension, color white, excellent optical performance, high oil absorption rate and pigment volume concentration. Besides, it has high covering power, wear-resisting, and cannot easy ageing. Therefore, it becomes the indispensable fillers and pigments in the paint industry and can also replace white paint of paint industry, especially titanium dioxide.

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